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Synesthesia - Spices

Synesthesia - Spices, 2022
Anju Tianya Market, Chengdu

During the self-quarantines in multiple cities in 2020-2021, I tried to acquaint myself with every temporary living space by feeling the daily items. Kitchen spices were some of the trivia I documented in my sketches. Sensations, in this case, smells, are the intangible characteristics of an existing space. Thus, I see these sculptures as a parallel counterpart of the existing space which they derived from, not as the objects contained in the “context.”


I found a local spice store to present the sculptures with the smells. I want to observe authentic reactions from the general public, especially those who would never visit art museums or galleries initiatively. Outside of the context of art-showing spaces, the idea of an “exhibition” and the experience of art viewing is overturned.  
In the video, customers visited the spice store and asked questions about the sculptures out of curiosity. The task of answering their questions was given to the store owner. 

Synesthesia Sketches - Spices, 2021