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Born and raised in Chengdu, China, Yu Lu is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in interior design at Pratt Institute. She will graduate in May 2019.

Yu attempts to explore the synergy of aesthetics and functionality in a field across from art to design. Her portfolio consists of various projects and studies including interior design, jewelry design, sculpture, painting and published writing.

In her professional experiences, Yu has been a co-founder and interior designer at Project LYM, a small freelance designer group. She also has experience of working as an freelance concept designer and as an intern in Chengdu and New York.

While studying interior design for years, Yu never limits herself exploring the fields beside her major. Her interest also lies in Biology. She studies not only the forms but also the systems, rituals, and evolutions. One of her strengths is integrating the inspirations and meticulous observations into her designs.

Resume available upon request.