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Synesthesia - Appliance Noises
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Appliance Noises - Microwave, 2022
Stainless steel wires, microwave oven, found pantry cart, kitchen utensils

I lived alone with a microwave and a few other appliances in a clustered room during one of my self-quarantines. Filling up the small room, the slight humming caused by the magnetron oscillation introduced a tinge of restlessness to my solitary time. Mild scratching, subtle swirling, forging in disciplines. When the microwave was operating, that unobtrusive humming became the transient intangible characteristic of the space surrounding me, no longer confined within an appliance. 

Appliance Noises - Vent Hood, 2022
Black Metal Wires, piano wires, acrylic dowels, found stainless steel counter, found gas tank, kitchen utensils

The heavy hum of the motor often overpowers that of a microwave, but they seem to be constructed in a similar pattern. The hollow humming of an impaired vent sounds rough-textured, sometimes snoringly stuck, preventing the cooking experience from being joyful at all. After my quarantines, my sketch of the vent hood sound was materialized in braided black wires and was made in a scale fitting an actual vent hood precisely.

Synesthesia Sketches - Appliance Noises, 2021