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Installations for A Daido Moriyama x Yoshirotten Exhibition

Celebrating the historically memorable 2020 for Tokyo, the government of Shinjuku invited photographer Daido Moriyama and emerging interdisciplinary artist Yoshirotten to collaborate on a series of images portraying the mundane life and the fleeting changes in the streets of Shinjuku. I was honored to be the art director and executive curator when the traveling exhibition Shinjuku Resolution visited Chengdu.


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#6 Jinghua Pavilion, Chunxi Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Oct 30th - Nov 30th, 2021

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Exhibition Works

The glitching and pixelation applied in the moving images hardly convince us that the moments of mundanity captured in photographs are from the realm of reality but rather from a fragmented retrospective of life. Surprisingly similar, the experience of living in an actual metropolis often consists of dubious and ambivalent repeating, splicing, fragmenting, and overlaying, all of which makes “the true entirety of real-life” doubtful.


Selected works from SHINJUKU RESOLUTION series,   2020.  Daido Moriyama x Yoshirotten, Print on silver plate

The montaged reflections and multilayered projections were used to create an illusion of dislocated time and space, speaking the same scheme about the unrealness of time in a metropolis. The atrium Frame installations were intended to invite the viewers to fall into the ambiguity of time and spaces through the juxtaposed reflections of themselves, the artworks, and the exhibition space. 

In the projection room, the viewers become the characters stepping out from the artwork, walking through the sheer installation while having their silhouette interlacing with the metropolis and the unreal mundanity. Unknown if they are falling in a flowing, static, or montaged time.

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