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An Anonymous Social Media Simulator

In one of my pre-thesis studies at Pratt Institute, I attempted to design an inhabitable installation that relocates anonymous online conversations to an offline scenario. This “diorama” displays the absurdity of polarized expressions, the lack of social skills, and the loss of accountability in our contemporary cyber life. 



In this enclosed chatting room, separated into four sitting niches by translucent or transparent glass veils, the guests are allowed to manipulate the level of “exposure” or “guise” by operating the height and order of the glass panels. Four tall entrance hallways from four directions lead the guests into their niches. Meanwhile, the ceiling height drops as the guests approach the center. Gradually stepping into a clustered enclosure, the guests could lay their focus on other guests and their conversations.
Only burred silhouettes are shown on the exterior. Flooring, ceiling, and furniture without conspicuous textures deprive the coziness and realness of the space. After the chat is dismissed, four distant entrances allow the users to remain anonymous after leaving.

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